Welcome to 8 o'clock show.

The 8 O'clock Show grew out of last year's Clex the Classics Challenge. We had such a great time, so we decided to host a multi-fandom challenge this time around, with a focus on classic films from the 1980s.

We chose about fifty iconic 80s movies, hoping they will inspire the creation of imaginative fics, manips and art. Each film from the list was available to two challenge participants. When sign-up closed, we e-mailed each participant with their prompts, which consisted of a quote and an object or location from the movie.

For example, if a participant chose Out of Africa, we sent prompts such as,

Location or object: compass

Quote: "He took the gramophone on safari. Three rifles, supplies for a month and Mozart."

From these prompts, the participant could have made a manip of Lex fiddling with his compass by a fire in the African night as Clark beckons to him from their tent; written a historical AU fic that has Rodney sweltering on his African farm, eyeing the horizon wistfully for any sign of Major John Sheppard, back from the North African campaign; or used the quote as a jumping point into the image or story. Another possibility could have been, say, a fic about Charlie Weasley planning a trek into the bush to snare the elusive Nigerian Spotted Back.

We hoped that the prompts would jump start the imagination instead of hampering the creative process. The point was and is to have fun, be flexible and imaginative. We also invited every participant to include an Afterword - whether simple or detailed - about her/his movie choice and the inspiration behind her/his work.

This challenge and archive were able to come together thanks to efforts of many talented and hardworking individuals. We hope you enjoy perusing the end products as much as we've had organizing the challenge. Please send a note of appreciation to the creator of any work that you find enjoyable, have fun and do check back for more entries to come!