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Well, I selected My Fair Lady because honestly, it was one of three films on that list that I'd watched. :P I loved that movie as a kid (I am a sucker for musicals). Of course, Lex and Clark being who they are, they easily fit the roles of Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle, respectively.

It took me a while to come up with a manip that could incorporate my prompts; the slippers were easy, the quote - not so much. My original idea was to have a pic of Clark from one of his various rescues all dirty and torn up, and clean up *just* his face and hands. But with SV and its affinity for extreme, pore-exposing close-ups, I couldn't find any good, full-body screencaps to use. (I actually went ahead and took a movie poster of MFL and superimposed Clark and Lex onto it as a default manip, in case my original idea couldn't be created.) But then I found the Bound promo pic -- I Loved Clark's pose there and the expression on his face was so fitting, I thought -- and used that instead; I splashed some mud on his clothes and voila! Instant pouty, dirty!Clark. :D