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For The Good Times Afterword

My assigned/chosen movie was An Affair To Remember (1957). I knew when I got it that I wanted to do a story about someone in a wheelchair and because of Clark's abilities, it really had to be Lex (though as some of you know, I briefly considered doing it with two other non-canon pairings, for some reason when I sat down to write, it was Lex that talked to me). The quotation I was given was "There must be something between us, even if it's only an ocean" and I hope I managed to get the feel of it in there - the part that stands out for me is the discussion of what they could and couldn't do sexually while in the hospital. And my object/location was the top of a skyscraper and that was what led to Lex's private place at the top of a tall building that happened to house the hospital (that part I didn't know until it came out in the writing, incidentally).