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His Girl Friday Afterword


My prompts were -

Quote: "Let's see this paragon of virtue! Is he as good as you say?"

Object/Location: Trench coat

I asked for His Girl Friday (1940) because it is just *such* a fun movie; so witty and funny and the cast do such a great job. It's a joy to watch. However, I didn't want to just copy the plot exactly - one of them leaving to get married? I don't think so ;) But I did want them to work together somehow, and because I love Lois she had to be there too, so...Lex is Clark's boss. Simple *g*. Although it's not specified in the fic, Clark is going to work at the Metropolis Star because it has a new Editor in Chief, a certain Perry White, who wants to drag it away from being a tabloid and change it into a reputable newspaper. In the end, the fic wasn't much like the movie at all.

I thought it'd be really fun if Clark had no *idea* that Lex had a thing for him (hee), but the whole time Lex is secretly working in the background, trying to keep Clark nearby because he doesn't want him to leave. Of course he can't *say* that. Lex being Lex, he could never go about a relationship normally. *g* The idea of Lex having an 'obsession' room in this universe but having it about Warrior Angel instead/as well amused me greatly. I'm such a geek.

Naturally I had to try and work my prompts in somehow, so the trench coat became part of the plot (although hopefully not in a way that was too obvious). As for the quote, I just couldn't work it in exactly as it was, so I changed it a bit and gave it to Lex to say about Superman.

Hard as I tried I could *not* think up a fitting summary for the fic. I wanted something that reflected both the story and the original movie but nothing was coming to mind. Lost for inspiration, I went to to see if there was anything about the movie there that'd help and...I saw the tag lines that were originally used to advertise it. Oh my God! I couldn't *not* use it! True, the fic is nowhere near as witty as the movie is, and it's not really a 'battle' for love...but it says gay! Gay! I had to!


I really want to thank nel_ani and fromward for helping me out, all my friends on LJ for encouraging me, and google for being so handy for research.

I hope you enjoyed it!