Dawn by Roxy
Summary: Answers come when least expected, sometimes a prompt is needed.
Challenge Film: Rebel Without A Cause
PG Clark/Lex 2058 words

For The Good Times  by Joanna C   NEW
Summary: Lex is injured in a lab explosion and Clark helps him recover by being a supportive and caring lover, as well as making sure Lex knows that nothing has changed.
Challenge Film: An Affair To Remember.
Clark/Lex 1734 Words

It Happened One Weekend by Mahaliem
Summary: Kal-El has become engaged to a woman that his father doesn't approve of. Run-ning away to Metropolis, he meets Lex Luthor. Lex seizes the opportunity to have one of the aliens beholden to him and volunteers to help Kal.
Warning: Language
Challenge Film: It Happened One Night
R Lex/Kal-El 14,822 words

Sequelae by Lastscorpion
Summary: First there's a Rift. Then there's an exploded lab. Then people go on vacation.
Challenge Film: The African Queen
PG Clark/Lex 7800 words

The Cultivation of Clark Kent by Mlle Elizabeth
Summary: Clark's last summer vacation before college brings some changes.
Challenge Film: Gigi
PG Clark/Lex 2,833 words

His Girl Friday  by Suz Voy
Summary: The Year's Wildest, Wittiest Whirlwind of a Love Battle... Outrageously Racy... Sparkling... Gay!
Challenge Film: His Girl Friday
R Clark/Lex 14,300 words

Songs for a Lonely Heart by Digitalwave  NEW
Summary: Your heart can be found when you least expect it.
Challenge Film: An Affair to Remember
NC-17 Clark/Lex 13,014 words

TAXI DRIVER - Noir Erotica by Rose_etta
Summary: AU Smut. Consummation of obsession demands intense anal sex.
Challenge Film: Taxi Driver
NC-17 Clark/Lex 2,000 words